Engineer making a new yacht project

The Build Experience

Building your own yacht is an exciting experience but also an important investment. Our Expert Yacht Building Team provides support through all stages of the decision-making-process making sure that all specific requirements and expectations are met during the construction of your yacht.
Scandinavian Marine provides comprehensive knowledge in project management based upon our history and experience, witnessed by our roster of successfully delivered yachts.


There are typically two routes for the new build process; either going through Phase 1 followed by Phase 2 or starting at Phase 2, as described below.


Planning Phase
Together with the client we prepare a comprehensive study following his/her requirements and specifications in terms of type of yacht, design and specific features requested.

Designer Phase

The client transfers a brief to the selected designer (or designers) and requests a principle concept for a new yacht. The first concept typically features a preliminary layout and design drawings showing a side profile (eventually 3D) and a general arrangement plan, as well as the main nominal parameters for the new yacht. A principle interior design or artist’s rendering is sometimes requested as well. The level of detailing for these documents varies and depends on the customer’s requirements. In most cases a basic yacht specification is part of the preliminary design package.
Some clients proceed after the first step using the preliminary design package as a bid package with which to request quotations from several shipyards.


Shipyard Quotation Phase
As an alternative to the Custom Design and Bid Package process, we shall together with the client directly contact qualified shipyards owning new or existing designs which may appeal to the customer. On behalf of the client we shall evaluate such designs and invite the shipyards to offer their best quotation, taking into consideration specific client requests. Sometimes this process results in a unique opportunity for the client to find the yacht of his dream at a better price and a shorter delivery time, compared to a full custom approach.

Construction and Management Phase
After the client and the shipyard have settled on a final Build Specification and Build Contract, the consecutive detailed design phases for the new build project will start. We will play an important part in the building process, mediating between all parties involved. Through our diligent supervision, we will ensure that all of the client’s wishes will be respected.

Final sea trials will be made to assure the new yacht has been built according to the Contracts, Drawings and Specifications and is ready to be delivered to the Owner.


Michael has been our consultant since we started with yachting a long time ago. For our last yacht, he managed the entire process: from selection of the yacht and the complete purchase process, through to an extensive refit and the final delivery of the finished yacht, ready for our extensive cruising plans, which all proved to be a complete success. Now we are back in the market for our next yacht – and Michael is the natural choice for competent and unbiased advice, and to again manage a smooth and pleasant process towards another successful yachting project.

Wolfgang Reymann, SY Wetnose


In order to keep your yacht in perfect shape for your intended use, we can provide you with preplanned maintenance programs, repair and refit proposal or even organize a complete restoration of a valuably branded yacht.


Repair on Demand
In case you encounter a technical problem with your yacht, we can take care of analyzing the trouble and fix it instantly or provide you with competitive repair offers from local or international shipyards and service providers companies.

Preplanned Maintenance
Like for modern cars and other complex technical systems, the main factor for guaranteed availability when and where you want to spend your valuable vacation time on board are regular service plans according to the manufacturers’ instructions an operational experience. A critical path to identify the most common and documented problems helps to prevent most breakdowns and disruptions before they materialize. This process should be synchronized with the required Classification, MCA or Flag State reviews.


Refit on Demand
Together with the client we prepare a comprehensive study following his/her requirements and specifications in terms of type of yacht, design and specific features requested.

Instead of acquiring a “no name” yacht for refit in a state of agony it may be a better investment to purchase a classic yacht with a great brand name and a timeless design as a basis for a true restoration project. Our experience provides you with competent project management and profound supervision expertise; making and controlling the budgets and putting a robust Quality Assurance System in place.


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